The Church was founded in Ghana, West Africa, God called the founder and leader Archbishop Dr. Susuana Amarteifio when she was in her youth. God confirmed her calling through some Baptists Church Evangelists from Israel and the founder of the Christ Apostolic Church in Ghana, the late Pastor Anim.

God called her in a very unique way. He called her to preach the word, lay hands on the sick and in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth they shall receive their healing.

Archbishop Dr. Susuana Amarteifio has been obedient to His calling, and as such God has been with her and still using her in various unique and amazing ways. In Ghana alone, Jesus Christ of Nazareth International Church has over twenty branches, three ordained Apostles, Pastors, Evangelists and countless numbers of missionary workers. In the United Kingdom we have one Consecrated Bishop, one Apostle, and nine Reverend Ministers. With Continental work the church has one Apostle in Germany and a Reverend Minister in Holland.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth International Church by the divine move of God coupled with the Holy Spirit inspired leadership of Archbishop Amarteifio came to Great Britain in 1990 with the gospel work of Christ and got incorporated with the Companies House on 29 November 1994.

The word of God has been preached with the power and demonstration of The Holy Spirit. Souls are being won to Christ and lives are being transformed to conform to the image of Christ. God is still proving His power and might through the Gospel of Christ in the church. For example, the church has opened branches; four in in the United Kingdom (UK), one in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and one in Aachen, Germany.

The church is growing in strength and size and is pursuing the Great Commission with the view of opening more branches in Europe and the Americas and all over the world bringing the Salvation message of Christ to the lost, the poor and the needy.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth International Church is a member of the Ixthus Church Council (UK) and the Evangelical Alliance (UK). Jesus Christ of Nazareth International Church believes in end-time Messianic Apostolic Ministry and has teamed up with Christ our Banner Worldwide Missions, in the United States to go on yearly pilgrimage and the running of Grafted –In conferences in Israel.

The Church is preaching the word to all peoples irrespective of their creed, gender, colour, sex and race according to The Great Commission of Christ and is baptizing them in The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ of Nazareth International Church by divine mandate is pulling down the strongholds of the devil in peoples’ lives, destroying the works of the kingdom of darkness and enforcing the victory of the Cross.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth strongly believes in raising Disciples of Christ and training them to become leaders for fulltime ministry, rural and global missionary work.  Jesus Christ of Nazareth International Church has its motor ‘Salvation in Christ’ and is pursuing this to win souls for Christ, teaching and supporting them to fulfil what God has destined them to become.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth International Church is only achieving these goals with the help of The Holy Spirit and in reliance on the following bedrock scriptures: Luke 10:19, Mark 16:15 – 18. Matthew 28:19 – 20 and Psalm 37:5.

Thanks be to God for how far He has brought the church.